Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit

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A lucid dream begins at the moment you become aware that you are dreaming, and fully conscious of the experience even though your body is asleep. In lucid, as well as in semi-lucid dreams, the Holy Spirit may choose to speak personally with our soul. In her intimate autobiographical account, Maria Isabel Pita shares how she was led home to Christ through lucid dreaming as a spiritual practice.

Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit is a compelling, contemporary story of the age-old mystery of God’s pursuit of Man, charting Maria’s journey through the extraordinary experiences she recorded, and the insight and direction she drew from them as, dream by dream, her soul was guided along a path in keeping with Christian mystical tradition.

“There are four distinct ways of looking at the process of spiritual formation… The third perspective, more feminine in its tone and experience, is the way of spiritual espousal and often employs bridal imagery. Here, spiritual formation is experienced as God the lover seducing, wooing and trying to win the heart of the beloved who is the believer.” – Albert Haase, Athanasius: The Life of Anthony of Egypt (Classics in Spiritual Formation)

To any Christian reading this who believes God no longer reveals Himself to anyone through personal revelations or dreams—and are suspicious of any such experiences as possibly dangerous delusions inspired by the Enemy—I refer you to Scripture. When the Pharisees accused Christ of receiving his power to cast out demons from Satan, the Lord said to them:

“Any kingdom divided by civil war is doomed. A town or family splintered by feuding will fall apart. And if Satan is casting out Satan, he is divided and fighting against himself. His own kingdom will not survive. And if I am empowered by Satan, what about your own exorcists? They cast out demons, too, so they will condemn you for what you have said. But if I am casting out demons by the Spirit of God, then the Kingdom of God has arrived among you.” Matthew 12:26-28

Since I became a passionate disciple of Christ because of my lucid dreams, by the Lord’s own reasoning, my dreams were decidedly not sent by the Enemy. We must indeed practice Discernment of Spirits, but not suppress the Holy Spirit out of fear of evil spirits. A Christian woman who had heard about my book but not read it herself, told me that we should focus on Jesus, not the Holy Spirit. Yet it was Jesus who gave us the Holy Spirit. Such a dismissively suspicious attitude toward the workings of the Spirit is a truncated Christianity, for our faith is in the One Triune Godthe Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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