God Painting

I dreamed I dared begin a large painting. I brushed in the top half, and stood back to look. I seemed to have perfectly emulated a Master’s skill and talent. But I knew at once it was God had done this, perfected my childish but earnest efforts.

Amazed and content in equal measure, I made to leave the room, my old childhood bedroom. But when I glanced over my shoulder at the new painting, I immediately turned back toward it, filled with wonder and joy, for I suddenly perceived new landscapes behind the foreground, something like a mountaintop. And far below, I saw a shoreline and beautiful blue water. Oh wonder! I knew then—I felt beyond any doubt—God was in my painting, which was, and would always be, alive and growing! Even as I turned my head, and then quickly looked back again, the ocean had already flooded half the scene. Its Powerful Presence gave me a shock of joyful dread, for the shining water seemed about to crest out of the canvas. I understood—God is with me! This Ocean of Love that is all Creation!

As in waking reality I believe, in the dream I felt that, without God, I really can do nothing, whereas together, we can work on unfolding wonders. I also felt then how intensely God invites, and even desires, our collaboration. His Loving Power flowing through my heart has the potential to bring us both boundless joy!

When I showed the new growing work to my mother and her male companion, I wanted so much for them to see how the blood-red water in the foreground was completely real, flowing with a living golden light as it poured downward. The whole painting was alive; there was no actual flat dead canvas. “A mixed medium of painting and film!” I exclaimed, feeling incredibly honored the Lord had chosen me as one of the artists for this marvelous medium.

The dream space is, of course, a living painting, an expression of the soul and its relationship with God.