Consecrated to God

Dream of October 7, 2015

I’m walking through a large well lit jewelry store with my mother, amid various long counters. As I pass one – behind which a female attendant is standing ready to assist customers – I become semi-lucid when I suddenly spot a ring lying on the gray-white floor, almost touching the edge of the counter looming over it. Surprised, I squat down and pick the ring up with my right hand, at which point I notice two solid gold women’s watches lying on the floor at my feet, a few inches apart from each other. Silently amazed by all this fallen jewelry, I crouch down and scoop the watches up into my left hand.

Standing again, I feel awkward about holding the watches in plain view, and begin slipping them into my left pocket, but I abort the gesture as we approach a woman standing behind the opposite counter. I somehow know these precious items no longer belong to the store, but had been dropped by their owners for reasons I cannot fathom. The watches were near the ring, which is what really matters, and looking down at it as I walk, I glimpse one of the tiny round gems set on the inside of the band, which is made of silver.

I hand the ring to the salesperson and ask her, “What stones are those on the inside of the band?” She takes the ring from me, lets out a quiet exclamation of pleasure as she examines it, and replies, “Amethysts.” I am so pleased! I was hoping she would confirm my impression. Amethyst is my birth stone, a fact that reinforces my feeling the ring is meant for me; that I was meant to find it, and keep it. Unbidden, the woman quickly appraises the ring, “It’s worth at least $10,000,” she informs me, “but we don’t buy jewelry here.” She holds out the ring and I take it back from her, assuring her, “I have no intention of selling it.”

My mother remains standing silently on my right as I look down and study the ring, fully seeing it for the first time. It is about one inch in diameter, and relatively thick; not a thin band. The outside is made of solid gold, and the inside of polished silver, in which I now discern three very small amethysts set apart from each other at equal distances. The center of the ring is a slightly raised four-sided flower, made of a slightly darker, richer gold than the band. The stylized flower is composed of four identical leaf-like petals set with gems of various colors, almost like a stained glass window, and is intensely beautiful. But what fills me with joy is the black figure of an eagle to the right of the flower shape. It is definitely an eagle sitting with its wings folded facing the heart of the ring, and the sight of this bird associated with Christ (both traditionally and in my own heart through my lucid dreams) identifies for my soul beyond any doubt the origin of the ring—my Lord. The bird appears made of onyx, and is set in a pearl-white circle about a third of the size of the four-petaled flower.

My mother and I continue walking together, but now I am overflowing with joy, for I feel with all my heart and soul that my Lord has given me a special, intimate gift in the form of this beautiful ring. I pause for a moment, and attempt to slip the ring onto a middle finger of my right hand, but a ring I bought myself is in the way. Yet I try to force it onto this particular finger a few times, before finally giving up and turning to my left hand, which is completely free of rings. I slip the ring onto my wedding finger, but I have lost so much weight recently (a true fact in waking reality) that the band is too large, so I transfer it to my index finger, where it fits both comfortably and securely.

Dream Notes:

The ring was overshadowed by the counter selling other much more common jewelry, nearly invisible beneath it, away from the well traveled path between the counters. This strikes me as a visual expression of how mainstream thought, both materialistic and pseudo-religious, steers clear of Christianity. But I saw the ring, and the moment I picked it up, I new it was meant for me, which is how every soul exposed to the Word feels when the Holy Spirit reveals the Truth to us through Jesus Christ. Where I found the ring, on the floor as if discarded, may also express how many people who have heard the Good News have chosen to ignore it, erroneously believing it to have no real and everlasting value.

From the Diocese of Shrewsbury’s website: “Christ calls certain women to live ‘for the sake of the Kingdom of heaven’ (Matthew 19:12) as consecrated virgins. This has been so ever since the earliest days of the Church, when such women, along with widows, could serve the Lord with a great freedom of heart, body and spirit.” 

The text refers to Consecrated Virgins, but I feel it can apply to any unmarried Catholic woman purely and passionately devoted to Jesus Christ, Who said:


Consecrated Virgins do not take vows of poverty or obedience, and live in the world, not a religious community, but they all receive a ring during the ceremony of espousal to their Bridegroom, Jesus Christ

I have been given to understand that my soul is now consecrated to God, and I know this is so, because my one and only joy – the TRUE joy around which all of my life’s various sources of fulfillment revolve – is prayerfully cultivating my relationship with my soul’s Spouse, Jesus Christ as I serve His church through my profession, putting all my talents at His disposal. Since I was Born Again of Water and the Spirit, I no longer live for my self, but as Saint Paul declares we should:

Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

After writing down my dreams and accompanying notes, I opened the Bible, and my eyes fell on these words spoken by Jesus:

This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.” 
John 6:29