A Tiny Spark

Waiting for Mass to start this morning, I closed my eyes and prayed. I said to God (I don’t recall my exact words now, so I paraphrase somewhat):

Lord, all that is good about me is my soul, because you created it, but it’s like a tiny spark that needs Your breath to gently blow on it so it can gradually grow bigger and stronger. Thank you for saving my soul, for rescuing it from being extinguished in the black embers of sin. I am nothing, Lord, just a weak, trembling mess of emotions and feelings and thoughts flickering to and fro; fluctuating in the slightest breeze. My only steadiness and bracing warmth comes from gazing upon You with love and longing. I need the breath of your Spirit, Lord, to keep gently blowing on me as I aspire to grow into a blazing fire of love for You. All I desire from what remains of my life is to become a strong, radiant soul burning with a powerful love for God so that, when I die, I will not be extinguished, but blaze joyfully, without a trace of fear’s cold darkness, straight into the heaven of Your Presence. Amen.”

The Mass began, and in my mind’s eye I saw a tiny flame held safe and protected in the gently cupped hands of my Savior. I saw His beautiful profile gazing down on my soul as He gently breathed on it. That’s what I am – a spark of Divine love my Beloved rescued from sin’s smoldering black campfire before it was extinguished. For as long as I have left to live in this world, I feel I will always hold in my mind this image of God as the Person of Jesus gently filling me with the Holy Spirit.

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