* * * Asking my Angel for help

Lucid Dream of March 22, 2019

Lying awake in bed wanting to lucid dream, I eventually feel myself slipping into a W.I.L.D. (Wake Induced Lucid Dream) and experiencing sensations as I will myself forward into the increasingly realistic experience of crunching through snow, which tonight is the mysterious means provided to help root me in the dream. And as I jump up and down like a kid in the snow, I am lifted gently up into the sky in that wonderful way that happens to me a lot these days.

I say out loud, “Lord!” and resting on my back in the air perceive the faintest of stars high above me. It’s wonderful being here. I almost drift back into waking consciousness, but then instantly find myself fully back in the dream space, only now I am holding my phone as I begin dictating a description of the dream I am in. I wish there was some way, some interface I could reach out to and actually record my dream in waking life while in the dream…

Still outside at night, I become aware of a dream character who has been following me around. He grabs hold of my phone and starts talking about what I’m saying. I ask him what dream character he is (or something to that effect) then drift away from him. But then I find myself with him again, at which point he attacks me physically. I fight him, but he won’t go away, and realizing I shouldn’t be violent with him, I simply stand there even as he begins lightly punching me in the mouth and other places. At the same time, I’m surrounded by more hostile dream figures like him.

Realizing this pacifism isn’t working, I cry, “My Angel! My Angel! My Angel!” and at once perceive that my enemies become nervous. Then I clearly discern a sound coming from up in the heavens, a profoundly deep rumbling sound accompanied by flashes of light as stars swiftly begin falling from the sky straight down toward earth. 

I am observing this awe-inspiring sight from one side of a tall wooden fence separating me from my assailants, and I know what I’m seeing are Angels responding to my cry for help! I have never experienced anything like this in a dream, and it is absolutely amazing! We are all of us looking up, watching, and no one is even remotely able to lay a hand on me now. It’s almost overwhelmingly wonderful experiencing these falling stars which are Angels as I cry out joyfully, “My Angel! My Angel!”

Then everything becomes even more fantastic when the Angels land. Very close to me I see a figure resembling a knight, one of the royal-looking persons in an intimate and holy “procession” I now also become a part of; joining a group of lovely ladies in long flowing colorful dresses. I notice that the wooden fence which separated me from my enemies has become what appears to be the edge of a stage. In awe of the luminous beauty of the persons/beings surrounding me, I think about how I would never have imagined having such a dream, in which I’m symbolically yet also actually surrounded by the Holy power and beauty of reality. End of dream

When we are preoccupied with ourselves, we fall under the influence of Satan’s angels. But whenever we regret our wrong steps and our too-busy ways, and pray, “Help us, God!” He sends angels to protect us. They fly to our aid. Satan can’t bother us then. Ask God for good, really crave it, and He’ll give you Milk from heaven. Gently at first, but later it will stream your way. Rivers of grace will strengthen you in every virtue. Those streams will continue to flow, increasing your integrity, until the day you die. You’ll find God continually renews you. All you have to do is ask Him.

Hildegard of Bingen