Category: Precognitive Dream

  • * * * “He and I”

    * * * “He and I”

    In the autumn of 2016, I came across a book entitled He and I  by Gabrielle Bossis. I had never heard of this book or the author. “In this timeless spiritual classic, readers share in the profound and touching experience of Gabrielle Bossis, a French nurse and playwright, as she hears the inner voice of Jesus in the…

  • * * * The Theory of Reincarnation

    * * * The Theory of Reincarnation

    In dream circles, the theory of reincarnation is frequently used to interpret what is happening in our dreams when we experience being another person living a different life from the one we went to bed with. I also took the idea of past lives for granted, before my dreams led me to Christ, and I…