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  • * Asking my Angel for help

    Lucid Dream of March 22, 2019 Lying awake in bed wanting to lucid dream, I eventually feel myself slipping into a W.I.L.D. (Wake Induced Lucid Dream) and experiencing sensations as I will myself forward into the increasingly realistic experience of crunching through snow, which tonight is the mysterious means provided to help root me in […]

  • * Airport Angels

    * Airport Angels

    Lucid Dream of August 24, 2021 Just inside the entrance to an airport, I’m sitting at the bottom of a double escalator (both sides going up) facing the glass doors a few feet away through which people are constantly entering, and boarding the escalators to the next level. As they walk past me, I recognize […]

  • * Talking with my father in Purgatory

    * Talking with my father in Purgatory

    Almost everyone I know has dreamed at least once with a loved one who has passed away. I believe in Purgatory. I also believe I have sometimes dreamed of Purgatory. So perhaps, on rare special occasions, our souls are permitted to commune with loved ones there. “Our souls demand purgatory, don’t they? Would it not […]