Big Little Miracles

My soul was like a little lost ship before, but now I navigate humbly yet confidently, obediently and faithfully, by the Light of the Son. And when the wind of the Holy Spirit appears to die down, Mary – the Star of the Sea – comforts me as I stand at the foot of the cross-shaped mast flying the sail of Christianity, the Divinely drawn chart keeping me on course. Until the final day and night, when I can at last throw away my cross like an anchor in the Port of Heaven. Although I will have to go through the station of Purgatory first, I will be more than glad of it, for my exile will have ended. I only hope I can bring with me as many beautiful gifts for my Lord as possible in the form of dreams, poems and books.

I feel I am truly dancing with Reality, Who is our Lord, because every little thing happens in perfect time with my inner thoughts and outward activities in such a way that each day I know, more deeply and clearly,  God is with me at every moment as I experience His touch in subtle yet breathtakingly obvious ways. What many would dismiss as meaningless coincidences, I experience as messages from my Lord. I call them “Synchronicity Kisses.” Synchronicity: the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. 

June 1, 2015

Listening to C.S. Lewis in the car, he had just made reference to Christ’s urging that we must become as little children again if we wish to enter the Kingdom of God, when at that very moment, a small white car veered into my lane, directly in front of me, bearing the license plate:


This was hardly the first time I had experienced a wonderful, teasing, loving hint of God’s Presence by way of bumper stickers and license plates. For a long time, I had been meaning to keep a record of them, yet had not done so (some foolish part of me thinking it was silly) but after this delightfully obvious “kiss” I finally began doing so.

Every event which might claim to be a miracle is, in the last resort, something presented to our senses, something seen, heard, touched, smelled or tasted… What we learn from experience depends on the kind of philosophy we bring to experience.  
– C.S. Lewis

September 27, 2016

South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, is not as rich in customized license plates as rural Virginia was, but to date, I have experienced two wonderful “kisses”:

On my first time driving up to Mami’s house, thinking about her, and how happy I am to be able to go and visit her as often as we please, I saw in a lane to my left the license plate:


A completely accurate expression/synthesis of my thoughts: I love Juana Rosa Pita!

And today was a big one. Driving home from Stop-n-Shop, I was imagining what I would say to my priest in my first confession here, because it became painfully clear to me yesterday that some wounded part of me suffers from a lack of faith in Love. Part of me is afraid love is a lie, and that what we idealize as love is just need, attachment, essentially a selfish thing, and therefore when someone who loves you promises you something, it is a lie, only true as long as it satisfies their needs, etc. etc. Of course, I do not BELIEVE any of this, but there is a stain on my emotional soul from the negative experiences I have had which were the result of bad choices floundering in the sea of sin, before being rescued by the fishermen who had brought the Good News I was raised to believe in but neglected to truly live by.

The principal way the devil seeks to torment and influence me is to make me doubt love, because if I doubt the reality of Love, I doubt the existence of God. The truth is, I am – like all fallen humans – guilty of being selfish, needy, etc. But I have felt, and known, since I was very young, that life is all about love. “Love, love, love, without love, where would I be?” I asked myself in a poem I wrote when I was nine years old. The answer is “Hell” into which I sink whenever I fail to trust in the Eternal Truth of Love.

So, I had just confessed all this, in a condensed form, to my priest in my head, when I stopped at a light behind a blue car with three bumper stickers arranged in the shape of a pyramid, with one on top in the center, and the other two below on each side. The one on top was composed of three words, but I could only make out the third one clearly. There was some small print on the two bottom bumper stickers impossible to read, so this is the message my physical eyes received, and which my soul “saw” completely:


  Angels       Believe

I emailed my brother and Mami these two “kisses” and they replied:

Mario: Those are great! LUVJRP is so precise as a message that would not have meant anything to other drivers! Regarding your thoughts on love, I think I understand completely what you mean, and the way I have seen it is the Platonic way that human love is a very pale, imperfect and incomplete reflection of Divine love, in the same way that a star is reflected in a pond, sometimes brightly and sometimes not at all, if the pond is wavy and muddy.

Mami: Amazing grace!

“My tender care is ever around My children. But they don’t see it. They look upon all the happy incidents in their lives as only natural and are inclined to attribute them to chance. Yet a word of happy thanks would bring Me such joy that My joy would rebound to them in new gifts. Oh, when evening falls may they think of coming to My embrace, their hearts overflowing with gratitude, asking Me to come again with new blessings. And I will come again. And in this way we shall approach the end of life and the last of My blessings. For this last blessing, My child, give Me your tender thanks now.” – Gabrielle Bossis, He & I