* Dream Poetry

Planting vegetables in our garden
the morning after a lucid dream
I felt how sunlight is God's power
and water His love for everything

We all live in God's creation
rife with ungrateful children
but born into Christ's Kingdom
and tended by His Holy Angels
I am never crushed or forsaken.

Yet not until I began soaring
in lucid dreams 
did I grow so frustrated with merely crawling
I began spinning my bed sheets into a chrysalis.

Learning to heed Love's transformative power
I joyfully sacrificed my ego 
to develop my soul.

While Eastern sages speak of 
achieving Nothingness
and lucid dreamers talk of 
experiencing the Clear Light
Saints live their lives exclaiming 
"My God and my All!"

A lucid dreamer and aspiring saint
I know only one Master—the Holy
Trinity of Love everlasting 
Whose dream kisses
awoke my faith in Him.

The Heart of Time
Tomorrow will always be today
until with our heart time stops.
It doesn't matter how long it beat
like fists on life's door of dreams:
Who lives within opens it for us.

The Saddle Cloth
I was only a teenager when a true-feeling dream
of a beautiful couple awoke a pure longing in me.
Formless, I stood facing a Lady and her Knight
who returned my regard in supernatural silence
mounted side-by-side on powerful dark horses.
The heraldic tableau was suspended yet alive 
and for a lucidly vivid time I was entranced
by the sublime colors of an embroidered cloth
mantling the Lady's mount beneath her saddle.

An enchanted dream abides in me as a memory
embodying the deepest longings of my heart
hopefully galloping toward the horizon of life
holding fast to this promise of Divine chivalry.

Dream Castle
Little did I dream that dreams would save my soul 
and become my most treasured eternal memories.

Who's to say that while we are awake and at work
isn't like being in the servants' quarters of a Castle
located not in material space but in the Divine realm.
Downstairs is this world, upstairs is the real Kingdom
where at night souls are set free and invited to explore
corridors stairways passages and doors unseen by day
but for all who loving seek are in the dark illuminated.

Our Interior Castles aren't separated by space or time; 
there's no telling who we might meet in our dreams 
or what mysterious rank they hold in our Lord's Keep
where every heart may enter into the King's Chamber.
By dreaming when awake longing for our true Love
we may win it simply by answering our Master's call.

Desiring the Author of existence as our own Beloved
our spirits can soar and hold converse with God's Angels.