Dreams and the Bible

“By taking a summary look at the teaching and practice of the Church Fathers up to the beginnings of the fifth century, we can discern a well-integrated tradition of dreams and dreamwork and recognize its continuity with that of the Old and New Testament.

“Tertullian… spoke of dreams as one of the charismata of God, and believed that dreams and visions were promised to people of his own day just as much as they were to the first apostles.

“Origen… saw dreams as part of God’s providence ‘for the benefit of the one who had the dream and for those who hear the account of it from him’…

“‘Dreams, more than any other thing, entice us toward hope,’ wrote Synesius of Cyrene, a fifth century bishop of Ptolemais. ‘And when our heart spontaneously presents hope to us, as happens in our sleeping state, then we have in the promise of our dreams a pledge from the divinity.’…

“Saint Jerome made little distinction between dreams and visions… For Jerome, God spoke through visions, whether they occurred during sleep or awake… Jerome agrees with Jeremiah that God can use dreaming as well as prophesying as a vehicle of revelation to a person. Such revelation can be a valuable gift from God if the dreamer’s life is turned toward God.”

Louis M. Savary, Patricia H. Berne, Strephon Kaplan Williams, Dreams and Spiritual Growth – A Judeo-Christian Way of Dreamwork

The Holy Spirit is everywhere, and can enter a human heart in any way He chooses, when we are awake or when we are asleep and dreaming; no door of our perceptions is ever closed to Him.