Lucid Dreams & Spiritual Warfare Novels – a Series

The books in this series are based on real experiences. Persons and events are fictionalized but true to life. All of Mary’s dreams are actual dreams of mine, and each novel features  a dream or two contributed by my lucid dreaming friends.

Book One – The Spirit of Imhotep

I was supposed to start college next year, but after being given a ticket to Cairo as a high school graduation present, I skipped the ceremony and jumped on the plane.

My name is Mary Fallon. I’m eighteen years old, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by ancient Egypt.

I could never have imagined the experiences awaiting me here in the ancient land of the pharaohs, including having my first lucid dream. You see, I’m discovering that Spiritual Warfare isn’t a video game but the reality we live in, both awake and asleep. You won’t find the front lines on any map, because the battles are fought in our hearts and minds, and some of them can be dangerously enjoyable. It’s a good thing I’m not fighting alone.

Book Two – Fifty Shades of Hell

My name is Mary Fallon and I came to Egypt a few weeks ago, fulfilling a lifelong dream. I was also visiting my best friend, Carol, who had magically scored a job photographing tombs in the desert. So many intense things have happened since I arrived, time has flown by and my tourist visa is about to expire.

But I have no intention of leaving Cairo, where I’ve fallen in love with an archaeologist, and with another man who lived over two-thousand years ago, but that doesn’t matter, because he also happens to be God.

My new boyfriend is already making plans for me to stay. Meanwhile, he’s treating me to a cruise down the Nile, during which I’m discovering that something ancient still walks among us, a seductive enemy who enjoys playing with my most thrilling dreams and desires. But the cost of fantasies becoming reality might be what I truly want from life. The problem is that my body cares only for the present, and possesses a dangerously hungry will of its own.