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In Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit, Maria Isabel Pita gives a Christian insight into the practice of lucid dreaming. There are some pointers for the amateur dreamer, but the book’s real theme is the role of those dreams in her spiritual awakening and conversion.

Maria provides excerpts from her dream journal. She explains what happens in each dream and tells you how she interprets the often-symbolic happenings.Their meanings are made clearer by contemplation; some revealed to her after years, others manifesting the very next day in the waking world.

The reader will be pleased to find many diverse scenes and actors in Maria’s mind, but there is one character in particular who dominates her dreamscape. She will bring you along as she discovers the identity and nature of this intriguing man and how he has come to be a constant part of Maria’s life, asleep or awake. Very interesting book!!

Self Publishing Reviews: Posted by: Henry Baum July 30, 2015

Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit by Maria Isabel Pita is a fascinating account of one woman’s experiences with lucid dreaming over many years. Describing over 50 dreams, Pita explores the imagery of each dream and the ramifications for her life both personally and spiritually.

The book is not necessarily a handbook on lucid dreaming – telling you how to strengthen your perception in your dreams on a nightly basis. Books about that subject have already been written, as Pita references early on. Instead, Pita goes through her dreams one by one and attempts to disseminate their meaning, often with illuminating results.

Though the book has a religious emphasis in parts, the book doesn’t proselytize any one faith. Certainly, there’s a Catholic emphasis in the book, but one could take this as having a “spiritual” component to the lucid dreaming phenomenon, rather than saying this is an explicitly Catholic phenomenon. Pita is mostly looking through at lucid dreaming through the lens of her Catholic upbringing.

Typically, hearing about someone else’s dream can be a mundane experience. This isn’t a problem in Lucid Dreams, as Pita’s dreams have a more tangible reality than everyday dreams, as abstract as they sometimes can be. It’s as instructive as a how-to, which should help people look more deeply at their dreams. It’s one thing to learn how to lucid dream, it’s quite another to understand how to interpret the experience. Pita’s expertise could help lucid dreamers understand their own experiences with the phenomenon, and non-lucid dreamers could benefit from her interpretations as well. Overall, it’s an enlightening account, which treats dreams as a tangible and instructive world that exists alongside our own.

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By Ryan Kain on July 24, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book seeks to touch personally and on an intellectual religious level, and it has certainly succeeded at that… The stories/lucid dreams from the author’s personal experience were truly intriguing and the explanation of what they call a semi-lucid dream was insightful and provided an interesting point about lucid dreams I hadn’t considered. The quotes from religious voices certainly set the mood. I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes an intelligent traversal through the world of lucid dreams and your spiritual self.
on January 26, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
An intimate glimpse into the devotional life of a modern Christian Mystic. Maria Pita practices Lucid Dreaming as a spiritual path and shares her progress with the reader thru the telling of a series of dreams she has experienced. Her writing style is lively, informal yet poetic. Very lovely to read.

By James M. Kroll on June 24, 2015

I believe this book to be a very unique and important contribution to the genres of lucid dreaming and spirituality in general. The phenomenon of recurrent “dream guides” and espousal can certainly be found in the literature. Both historic as well as contemporary. There are two aspects of this work however which are quite unique. First, Ms. Pita is an accomplished lucid dreamer. Many of the dreams documented here are lucid or semi-lucid. Her dream recall and reports are extraordinarily detailed and her frequent lucidity gives her an important edge in interacting with her dreamspace. But equally important is her life story and how this new phase of her life and insights unfolds. As an adult, she had moved away from her religious teachings, and like many of us was at times a victim of the range of wasteful negative emotions and behaviors that humans can experience. Yet she began to realize that her recurrent visits by one dream guide in particular were more than just an apparent manifestation of ones daily residue. But rather that this guide was nudging her, teaching her in a manner consistent with her religious teachings. It was not until she began to engage in some rigorous research that she was able to put logical meaning behind it. Meaning that led her to make some very powerful conclusions about who this visitor was.

Perhaps the most crucial thing I can offer on this work is the following. I was raised Catholic but am not personally “religious” in a traditional sense. But with that said, I believe these are a collection of very beautiful experiences. I believe Ms. Pita’s research to be quite illuminating. And I believe she is indeed experiencing first hand the wondrous nature of our reality. A reality that science is far from understanding or fully explaining. As someone who is also a frequent lucid dreamer, I do believe that when people are ready, our reality system is willing and capable of communicating with us via waking insights and dreams. I believe this to be very fundamental to realities design. And I do believe quite vigorously that there is a push and pull between physical and non-physical entities. Where they can teach us and our actions and learning feedback to spiritually nourish the reality system in general. But regardless of one’s personal reality model, I believe these experiences to be quite genuine, and beautiful and important.

on May 2, 2016
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
This book is thought provoking and well documented. Ms. Pita’s visionary intensity and honesty in her dream work demonstrate the true sacred art of dreaming. She is guided back to her faith and God through her dreams. Which I think is a first for most of the dream books out there. After many years in the New Age movement, my dreams have led me back to my Catholic faith. So I found it refreshing to read another person’s journey. Thank you!
on September 17, 2016
Format: Paperback
Maria Pita’s book is a riveting read. You know a book is utterly compelling when the last page leaves you wishing for more! I’ve known the Pita family for many years, but haven’t spent time with Maria. Now I’ve seen inside her soul! (Maria’s interchanges with her mother are so endearing. I would love to be able to call my mom and be “on the same page” regarding spiritual matters). I enjoyed the passages and quotes from other authors (all foot-noted), as well as references to illuminating figures such as St. Theresa of Avila, and the film “The Gospel of John” is one I haven’t seen.
Fascinatingly intimate, her dreams are a portal through which she sees and understands her relationship with her “Guardian Lord” (Jesus Christ) deeply and fully, then is able to bring her experiences and emotions back to waking life. Mystical yet practical. I am inspired to recall and reflect on where my own dreams take me, and am impressed and awed by Maria’s ability to fly! That has always been my dream within a dream!
The book has a wonderful flow; the author is a gifted storyteller. Her ability to communicate her insights through the melding of mind, soul and body is a remarkable attainment of wholeness. How one establishes a relationship with the Holy Trinity is a delving into mystery, the work of a lifetime. Maria has been shown a marvelous way to come closer to Christ, to live her faith, and I thank her for sharing the Joy of her journey with her readers. I wholeheartedly recommend Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit. Lori McCray
on May 10, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition
Maria’s book took me by surprise. As an agnostic I really had no previous belief in the Christian faith, and the majority of books out there on the market which deal with dreaming discuss more about a new age belief system, Christianity really doesn’t get a look in – until now. Maria’s book is not only written by someone who has a deep understanding of the Christian faith, but also who has a deep and clear understanding of dreaming and the ‘language’ presented to each of us when we dream. The book takes us on a journey , and I found myself relating to many of the experiences Maria had while in her dreams. Through Maria’s interpretation of her own dreams I was able to reflect and understand my own dreams much better. But most of all, for me personally, it helped me understand and see Christianity, and Christ in particular through a whole new light. You could say she made me a believer!