* * * Saint Olaf Dreams – Part 2

Published in the Lucid Dreaming Experience

Dream of August 31, 2023 - Saint Olaf's Confirming Touch

Something happened this morning I've never experienced. I woke up in bed as usual and at once became aware of the absolute silence. I thought: We must have lost power... This very rarely happens, and although it forebode a major inconvenience since we don't have a generator, I was feeling no concern. Then seamlessly I slipped into waking consciousness as I opened my physical eyes. It was a wonderful thing to wake up first in a dream before waking up in "reality" as I did suddenly yet smoothly. The only difference was I could now hear the quiet roar of the window air conditioner.

Dream Notes:
The day before yesterday (August 29) I asked, and determined, to make Saint Olaf my Patron Saint. Only for an instant did I wonder how he might feel about this, because it was he who came to me first in a dream, so I know in my heart and soul what is happening now is the work and gift of the Holy Spirit.

Dream of September 24, 2023 - UNDERGROUND
I lay awake for a long time. I kept remembering how (in my 11 Norway dream) I saw St. Olaf's face so very close to mine. This was while we were standing in the shadowy room I followed him into. But once inside the mostly dark space, I lost any sense or sight of his companions. I was standing very close to St. Olaf. He stood slightly in front of me and to the left, on my heart's side. It was very dark in the intimately sized space (akin to a mysterious antechamber) but I could distinctly see his face in the shadows. . . 

He was so close to me, it was as if I could make out the pores in his skin. And he didn't look directly at me; it was as if he was deliberately letting me look at him, remaining with me in the dream space as I kept repeating in my head what he had told me so I wouldn't forget anything when I woke up. And as I did so, I perceived a subtle change in his expression, which made me feel he might be worried I wouldn't remember what he had said. That's when I decided to begin backing out of this mysterious antechamber in order to wake up so I would remember.
And last night, as I lay awake, I was speaking to King and now Saint Olaf as if he was truly here with me. I was thinking how that dream antechamber was a mysterious space/place between where I am now - still in the physical world - and where he is now in heaven. Except last night I wasn't sleeping and dreaming, I was awake and seemingly alone in the "antechamber" even as I felt (I have faith) he was even then mysteriously close to me. . .
Having fallen asleep, I find myself in the company of squat green creatures akin to troll women I sense are also witches. I know they are evil, but I'm not in the least bit frightened of them. I don't remember how we end up in a subterranean space akin to an underground tree house formed by massive roots.

Then one of the troll women says very distinctly as she looks straight at me, “This is a dream.” I hear and understand her clearly, and for an instant I’m tempted to become fully lucid and proceed further into this dream. But in the next heartbeat I think, there’s no way in hell I’m having a lucid dream initiated by this evil troll witch and deliberately wake myself up.

I believe this is very important, because of course I wouldn't trust any lucid dream initiated by such a being. This may have been a test-temptation I easily passed. In the dream, I experienced the same distrust and disgust King Olaf displayed whenever he encountered remnants of pagan heathenism in his domain. 
Dream of November 17, 2023 - INVITATION to W.I.L.D
I went to bed as usual, but something very unusual happened. I could not sleep. It wasn’t simply a matter of it taking longer to drift off, it was much worse. I actually wondered how I had ever been able to fall asleep at all. Now that was very strange… It finally occurred to me that this wasn't natural but perhaps (wonderful thought!) supernatural. . . 

It occurred to me as fact that I was receiving an invitation to try and have a Wake Induced Lucid Dream; an invitation delivered in the form of a command I couldn't disobey whether I wanted to or not, which I didn’t. Seriously wondering now if King and Saint Olaf might be behind this, I willingly and hopefully relaxed, and very soon I was surfing hypnagogic imagery (in flowing black and white "waves") as far as possible, until each one dissipated, patiently persevering…

I find myself in a white space/room, standing very close to a dark-haired man, facing him. His hair and clothing are the only shadows in this intimate yet somehow also measureless space. He intends to take me on a “ride” with him, and my deep contentment and pleasure at being with him is all the answer I need give him…

A seamless transition to standing together in what I can only liken to one of those small tram cars inside mountain tunnels used to haul rocks, etc. only this “conveyance” is intimately sized and (I sense) circular or oval in shape. It also isn’t following any visible tracks as we glide swiftly and silently down a smooth, naturally lit curvaceous tunnel in what I sense is a mountain deeper and deeper into the earth…

Still traveling even deeper into this now cavernous subterranean space, I am facing the direction from which we came, standing at the back now (for me) of the car. Behind me are three men, my initial companion, who is seated between two other male figures who are standing. The lighting is bright and crystal clear even though we’re moving very fast through the center of a vast broad cavern of smooth whitish-gold stone. Relishing the ride, I speak out loud what I’m thinking, “It’s fascinating that even though my eyes are closed, I can still see.” I subtly sense and know my physical eyes are closed because my body is asleep in bed, but I also distinctly sense there’s no danger of me waking up because I can (literally) feel that I’m in deep.
I don’t turn around to look at the men accompanying me on this exhilarating journey, yet I can somehow still see them. The one closest to me is very tall and standing just behind my right shoulder. His short hair is a golden-brown, and he's wearing what I can only liken to a silver-white conductor's uniform. His intent gaze and expression are all focused on me, and what I just said. And though I remain facing away from him, I glimpse the pleased smile on my original dark-haired companion's face where he's sitting in the center of the "car"…
We have arrived at what seems to be our first destination. I step out onto white “sand” facing a narrow level white ledge emerging from the stone facade before us. A few feet to the right of what I know is an entrance leading deep into this measureless mountain, I spot a large yet slender short-haired dark-brown dog sprawled jauntily, invitingly on its side. I immediately climb onto the cliff path, and we cavort together for a few delightful moments, so that I feel foolish for having initially feared it might be a dangerous predator. I’ve never owned such a dog, but it somehow feels familiar…
Descending again, and walking back in the direction of our “travel pod” I both see and hear a young man as he asks, “Are you sure you want to do this?” His question is addressed to a very tall, thin, pale-skinned man with thin sharp features. As he is asked this question, he furtively meets my eyes for an instant before nodding curtly in the affirmative. But as they proceed toward the pitch black entrance, I walk back toward the "pod" conscious of how deep and dark the bowels of this particular mountain are, and I suffer the distinct impression I do not wish to explore it. Especially not with that evil-feeling “man” who is in no respect my original companion. Yet he seems to think or hope I won't notice, and that I'll accept his company and guidance just as I did my true friend and companion's. Well, he obviously doesn't know me well enough to realize there's no chance of that ever happening. He told the innocent youth, and wants me to believe, he's here to supervise this particular step in my journey through, and deeper, into this "mountain" realm. But I know he's up to no good, on the contrary…
I become aware of being somewhere else when, as I ascend some steps, a woman reclining on a couch, placed on a small elevated black wrought iron platform, comments on what just occurred between me and a person I left behind on the level below. She observed that my eyes filled with tears, and lets me know by stating, “I saw your eyes change.” I remain silent, until I reach another couch on my own level, and sitting down by another woman (who is mysteriously known to me and my friend) I reply to the other woman’s snide observation with cheerful honesty, “My eyes are changing all the time!” 
Abruptly, I’m up on the platform with the woman and looking straight down into her eyes, so that what’s happening inside her irises consumes my entire field of vision… Two pairs of wild animals akin to leopards are rolling and jumping and sprawling across the carpet and couch and chairs of a living room while having sex in all sorts of positions as they constantly exchange partners. I observe the repetitive scene for several long moments before looking away, and waking up.

Dream Notes:
Beginning with the final dream scene… No shadow of disappointment cast by another human being can, for very long, darken my vision, which now constantly, faithfully and joyfully reflects God’s Living Light of Love. But then there are so many who (as I did for much too long although never completely) live for the flesh, valuing only what material-physical life has to offer. They see with their mortal eyes but are incapable of Vision, which is spiritual and inseparable from Love vs. merely emotional-sexual attraction and attachment, for even animals experience this. God created us in His image, which means we possess the transcendent faculties of reason, wisdom and discernment allied with desire, all the qualities which make us human and capable of divine communion.
When I woke up, I at once recognized the dark-haired man who initiated my WILD and landed me in the dream space as Saint Olaf from my unforgettable “11 Norway” dream. And the tall "uniformed" man who stood directly behind me at my right shoulder was/is, I have no doubt, my Guardian Angel. 
The thin evil-looking man who intended no good for me, and did a very poor job of pretending he did (I got the impression he knew I was seeing right through him), is one of the Enemy's countless minions. But it’s been a very long time since I’ve been vulnerable to demonic wiles either awake or asleep, all thanks be to God.
The symbolism of the Mountain: "Places where heaven and earth meet; the link between heaven and earth; associated with Jehovah (psalm 36:7, psalm 48, Isaiah 12:12) symbolizes the presence or proximity of God." I was going deeper into this vast and seemingly boundless mountain... Going deeper into my self and soul; deepening my spiritual life. The elation I've been "riding" all day since I woke up has really made me feel on top of the world.

Juana Rosa (my mother):
Phenomenal dream: The importance of transcendental vision!!!
It was a beautiful and complex dream, Maria. So did I understand this properly? This was at the beginning of the evening? And you had insomnia? So you had not fallen asleep at all yet? Or did you experience some insomnia later in the evening? The reason I ask is that, in principle, you should not be able to WILD first thing during the evening. The body is inclined to go into deeper sleep cycles. So that, in and of itself, is highly unusual.
That is correct. I had just slipped into bed, feeling tired and ready for sleep as usual, but I could not for the life of me fall asleep. I wasn't worried about anything, all was well, except that there seemed to be an invisible wall between me and sleep. And it actually felt like a miracle to me that I had ever been able to fall asleep at all. And I have no doubt I was correct when I wondered if this was something supernatural rather than natural. That's obvious now, but if I hadn't taken that proverbial leap of faith and truly believed this was a possibility, an invitation and command from my patron Saint Olaf, I would not have had this dream.

James, I am in a relationship with a Saint, who himself was a dreamer.

I don't think you need any additional validation. But for what it's worth. As another person reading this dream sequence, I find it validating that you had a full blown REM dream experience when that should not even have been possible. In my experience, one can have a dream early in their sleep cycle. But those NREM dreams are dark and not very well formed. So it appears this experience is indeed a very special gift. I am very happy for you Maria. 
Thank you, James. And I am happy for you as well. Make no mistake, this dream was meant for you, too. Especially the way it was initiated. And there was a third male presence in the boat who was more vague, and all I did was notice he was there. He had brown hair. When I woke in the morning, I wondered if it might have been you. And even though you don't remember being there, I believe your soul was.
I believe those dark tunnels the Enemy wanted to take me through represent: my inability to shake off the daily subliminal but insistent dread of upcoming sorrows. At the forefront is the loss of my beloved dog Arthur, and how desolate I will feel when he is gone, a uniquely precious source of emotional and faithful companionship (which is why to me he feels like my Guardian Angel's glove.)

I must remember that in reality there is no future but only an eternal present always mysteriously alive with Divine succor

I understand now why Saint Olaf offered me such a good, long look at his face in my first dream of him as we stood intimately close to each other. When I woke up, I felt exhilarated but also desolate believing the odds were I would never see him again in a dream. I was wrong, thank God. I comprehend now what in Catholicism is called The Communion of Saints:

The spiritual solidarity which binds together the faithful on earth, the souls in purgatory, and the saints in heaven in the organic unity of the same mystical body under Christ its head, and in a constant interchange of supernatural offices.