* * * Saint Olaf Dreams – Part 3

This morning, I feasted my eyes and ears on a remarkable Norwegian soccer player, listening to interviews with him, and he made my day by stating that Christianity, the faith in which he was raised, is an important part of his life. Now this was very unusual for me. Although I'm a big fan of the English Premier League, this was the first time I ever indulged in watching videos and interviews with one of their star players. 

Later that afternoon, I understood why Martin Odegaard had so deeply captivated me. Relistening to a chapter in the audiobook edition of Life of Christ by Giuseppe Ricciotti, which I narrated, I was gripped by the thought, the possibility, the profound desire  to create an audiobook version of The Viking Saint: Olaf II of Norway. Of course, I would need to get the publisher's permission first. . . 

And so I asked Saint Olaf to please confirm to me in a dream that night if recording an audio version of The Viking Saint (which I had recently read) was or was not something I should seriously look into. . .

Dream of January 13, 2024 - The Fjords of Norway
A vivid dream in which I am stunned by the beauty of where I live, and the expansiveness of the house itself. The most lucid moment is looking out the glass walls and gazing in awe at the view that merges mountains with shining expanses of water so intimately it appears magical. (Only when I woke up did I think of Norway's fjords.) I feel I live in this expansive, beautifully appointed house with several other women, and I am so very happy to be here, in the company of like-minded-spirited women. The one I sense is their "leader" accompanies me to a spacious black-and-silver kitchen, where the chandelier I brush up against drops one of its hanging crystals behind my right ear, where it nests comfortably beneath my hair. 
Not long after I awoke from this dream, I emailed the publisher Pen & Sword and presented the idea to them of creating an Audiobook version of The Viking Saint. I felt I should at least make the intent as I kept remembering my dream vision of water, mountains and sky, and especially the icicle-like piece of shining chandelier that fell gently and neatly into place behind my ear. Print books are for the eyes, audiobooks are for the ears!
Note added a few days later:
I have been reading A History of Norway, and the end of the book includes a fascinating section featuring all the historically attributed/documented miracles of Saint Olaf. Especially fascinating to me is the fact that, in many cases, he appears to the persons who prayed for his help in a dream, in which he heals them and/or tells them what to do when they wake up! AND the publisher of The Viking Saint accepted my offer to narrate the audiobook edition! 

Saint Olaf’s Mysterious Help

Dream of February 29, 2024 
Night... aware of being in a dark spacious interior facing a high arched wall akin to that of a very old castle and/or church. I can barely see the tall, slender female figure standing just a few feet away facing me. She is clad in a long gently form-fitting gown clearly belonging to a noble woman, perhaps even a princess. . . 

Then abruptly, I'm somehow aware of a legend that, on the full moon, she will foretell the rise of a great king, just before she is in some way (accidentally?) killed. Directly facing me, she sits down on a chair, whereupon the back of her head is instantly impaled on a sharp smoothly pyramidical orange horn. My disembodied awareness is shocked because for me this story-legend is happening right now in the present as well as in the past. . .
Then to her left (my right) and slightly behind her against a dark wall, I perceive what I feel/know is a throne. In it is slumped a shadowy male figure whose face I can't discern. I wonder hopefully, Saint Olaf?! In response, the dark figure telepathically thinks/says to me, "Now's my chance..." repeating the phrase as he very slowly begins sitting up. Yet what I faintly discern of his features as he's finally able to raise his head and look over at me, instantly tells me he is not my beloved patron Saint but the Enemy! The malignity "he" exudes is masked yet clearly discernible and recognizable to my dreaming soul, and at once I "pull" myself out of the dream.
Dream Notes:
This was the final dream of the night, very brief but powerfully intense. And  despite its shocking violence and sinister darkness, I knew it was a blessing from Saint Olaf. I have never read or heard about a legend concerning a beautiful noble lady who was accidentally killed just after she foretold the rise of a great king. But I can guess why her death involved a fatally sharp orange horn, like an immense thorn covered with bloody flesh evocative of  devils and demons. 
All night long my bedroom was surrounded by restless, powerful winds, during which I lay awake for long, broken stretches of time, unable to stem the flow of anxious thoughts, emotions and concerns about a decision I recently made that will take me away from my life here by the sea, which has been so rich with blessings, and where my faith and creativity keep flourishing.
At one point as I lay there listening to the wind keening and moaning, I prayed/cried out in my mind, "Saint Olaf! Help me, please!" Then just before I woke for the day, I had this nightmare in which the Enemy fully captured my attention by making me hope the king on the throne was Saint Olaf. I had just recorded the chapter for the audio book The Viking Saint in which he is killed in battle fighting to rid Norway of all heathenism and secure it's identity as a Christian nation. And he most certainly did! Norway is already preparing for 2030 when it will celebrate for an entire year the one-thousandth anniversary of Saint Olaf's victory and martyrdom in that final battle. 
Saint Olaf, in whose name I glory, answered my plea for help in this dream with Viking force and power! From now on, whenever I find myself lying in bed, worrying about this and about that and picturing future griefs and simply being foolishly weak, I will remember the murderous violence with which that demonic horn thrust itself into the back of the princess' head, and what a tragedy it was for in the dream I knew she was beloved. It seems the Enemy will never cease tormenting me in any way it still can. But just as Norway will never again be a pagan nation, I will strive to never again be Satan's helpless victim in my mind.

Where my thoughts live is akin to a sacred castle-fortress which must be guarded from all vain worrying as from the Enemy's forces.
I know now the decision to leave my home here was wrong. God brought my attention to the fact (blessedly sooner than later) that it wasn't really an option anyway, as I had believed it to be. The darkness in my dream was akin to my self-centered clouded thinking. I had believed I was doing the right thing, just as in the dream I hoped the figure on the throne was King Olaf, but it clearly wasn't. Thank goodness for Saint Olaf's powerful intervention! And now, weeks later, I can clearly see what a huge mistake I had been about to make. But instead, I was saved from wasting anymore time flirting with the possibility ever again, since moving never really was an option, thank God. Blessedly, I can continue taking even deeper root here until I leave this world forever.

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