A Portrait of Jesus

I took this photograph of a scene from an episode of AD The Bible Continues in which Christ first appears to his Apostles after the Resurrection. I was so struck by the sublime contrast of light and shadow – which so beautifully blended our Lord’s divine and human nature – that I just had to try and capture it in a picture I could gaze upon for as long as I wanted to. The result is this portrait of Jesus:

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

“I had so little ability for picturing things in my mind that if I did not actually see a thing I could not use my imagination, as other people do… Of Christ as Man I could only think: however much I read about His beauty and however often I looked at pictures of Him, I could never form any picture of Him myself. I was like a person who is blind, or in the dark: he may be talking to someone, and know that he is with him, because he is quite sure he is there – I mean, he understands and believes he is there – but he cannot see him. Thus it was with me when I thought of our Lord. It was for this reason that I was so fond of pictures. Unhappy are those who through their own fault lose this blessing! It really looks as if they do not love the Lord, for if they loved Him they would delight in looking at pictures of Him, just as they take pleasure in seeing pictures of anyone else whom they love.” – Saint Theresa of Avila