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  • * * * Saint Olaf Dreams – Part 2

    * * * Saint Olaf Dreams – Part 2

    Published in the Lucid Dreaming ExperienceDream of August 31, 2023 – Saint Olaf’s Confirming TouchSomething happened this morning I’ve never experienced. I woke up in bed as usual and at once became aware of the absolute silence. I thought: We must have lost power… This very rarely happens, and although it forebode a major inconvenience…

  • * * * Saint Olaf Dreams – Part 3

    * * * Saint Olaf Dreams – Part 3

    This morning, I feasted my eyes and ears on a remarkable Norwegian soccer player, listening to interviews with him, and he made my day by stating that Christianity, the faith in which he was raised, is an important part of his life. Now this was very unusual for me. Although I’m a big fan of…