* * * The Mysterious Hotel

Lucid Dream of January 18, 2021 – Published in The Lucid Dreaming Experience

I lay awake for a very long time before becoming aware of soaring through darkness as though still lying in bed. I am really high up in this night sky when an incredibly energetic rock-n-roll style music suddenly begins broadcasting from inside a black cloud portal. The music fills the darkness as I recognize the melody and the lyrics of Working Man by RUSH: “Seems to me I could live my life a lot better than I think I am!” sings Geddy Lee and, abruptly, there is absolute silence…

I have made it into the dream space! Yet still all remains darkness, and coasting along I feel there’s no hope of an actual dream scene appearing. Yet I am fully lucid and determined to remain in the dream space; I will not accept this seemingly impenetrable blackness. I reach out and—as if my will and my faith become manifest in my dream hands—I literally grab hold of the darkness and pull it apart, forcing it open to reveal white points of light. The stars of a dream scene! I have literally found the light in the darkness! Initially the opening is only a narrow fissure, and it is not easy to make it larger; the effort is actually physical as I oblige the darkness to part before me so I can finally fly into the night of a dream.

Almost at once I come upon a colossal building that appears constructed of light-golden stone. Clinging to one corner, I look down at it from a great height, amazed I was able to make it here so swiftly and effortlessly. I actually willed the darkness to give way before me and embedded myself in a dream scene! Clinging to the massive edifice, I wonder at how I willed the darkness to give way before me…

The next thing I know, I’m walking purposefully through what looks and feels like the atmospherically lit lobby of a grand hotel searching for my Guardian Angel. I lose the dream for an instant but immediately return to it, and when I do I’m already on an upper floor of the hotel, one of several persons standing in a well lit corridor. Then, discerning what might be the shadow of a figure at the end of this open foyer, I make the decision it will be my Angel and move toward it.

“I can’t see you,” I say, as I come to a stop before the amorphous darkness, “but maybe you’re my Angel.” Then I command quietly, “Hand me the book” as I reach out to him so he can place it in my open palms. Feeling someone grasp my hands instead, I slowly pull a man out out of the impenetrable shadows, and find myself facing a young dark-haired youth dressed entirely in what appears to be black leather. But when I distinctly see a white Playboy Bunny logo on his jacket over his heart, I immediately let go of him and step back, certain he is not my Angel, and I immediately tell him so. My Guardian Angel would never wear a jacket with a Playboy symbol on it.

No sooner do I state my conviction out loud than two taller, and very well built men, materialize beside me. The one who comes to stand very close to me is wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt of a muted orange-gold color that exposes his strong arms. As the guy in the Playboy jacket backs away, this man and his companion escort me to a balcony overlooking the main lobby, where more such men congregate around me. The one in the orange-gold T-shirt seems to be their leader and, smiling slightly, he never takes his eyes off me as he listens to me explain how I immediately knew no Angel of mine would wear a Playboy bunny logo over his heart. He looks somewhat amused yet also serious as he asks his friends, “Who is this Cuban?” His tone is playfully rhetorical, but just in case they aren’t as friendly as I believe they are and I need to get away, I perch on the edge of the balcony. Then, when they simply stand watching me, I slowly begin descending down into the main lobby.

Alighting on an atmospherically lit dance floor, I remember what I wished for as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep—to dance a waltz with my Angel in a dream—but I only see a woman standing nearby staring at me. As I head in the direction of the main entrance, I think about the fact that if I’m going to wake up soon, I should probably do it now so I can clearly remember how I came to this hotel looking for my Angel and what happened here. ⸙ ⸙ ⸙ End of Dream ⸙ ⸙ ⸙

The following day at around lunch time, feeling tired after a long walk, I worried that if by forcing myself into a dream scene by pulling open the darkness I had exercised a dark power and, as a consequence, found myself surrounded by bad Angels, for they almost had the look of a gang. Contributing to my concern was the fact that my Wake Induced Lucid Dream involved rock-n-roll music, not celestial harmonies. But on the positive side was the fact that, decades ago, RUSH helped wean me away from the suicidal influence of Joy Division, and the lyrics of the song I heard in the dream make reference to living a better life than the one programmed by the world. Nevertheless, I was still uneasy, so I went to the Bible I keep on a bookshelf in the living room. I seldom open it, for my favorite Bible is upstairs in my bedroom. Pulling it off the shelf while silently praying for reassurance I had been with good Angel’s last night, I opened the book at random, and my eyes instantly fell upon this verse:

Bless the Lord, you His angels

Who excel in strength, who do His word,

Heeding the voice of His word.

Psalm 103:20

I was stunned. I could hardly believe it was possible I had received such a loud and clear response. Considering the thousands of possible verses I could have opened to in the Bible, I felt this verse had literally been put into my hands. Hurrying upstairs to my computer, I learned that there are 23,145 verses in the Old Testament and 7,957 verses in the New Testament, for a combined total of 31,102 verses in the Book I opened, which contains both the Old Testament and the New Testament. What are the odds that not only would I open the Bible to the right page, but that my eyes would immediately gravitate to that one little verse directly related to my question? I asked for and immediately received reassurance, even confirmation, that I had indeed been surrounded by good Angels last night.

I was now free to believe what I had felt when I awoke from this dream—that the man in charge of the group was my Guardian Angel, one of the two men who materialized on either side of me after I realized I had pulled a highly questionable dream figure out of the darkness. This conjuring method was a mistake I will never make again, for I realize now it was the lucid dreaming equivalent of sorcery, the domain of fallen angels. In the dream, my soul practiced discernment of spirits by providing me with a contemporary mark of the beast—a Playboy bunny. My soul sensed the “wrongness” of that black-clad figure and provided me with a “hieroglyph” that would instantly speak volumes to me. And I don’t doubt my soul had help with this—help that came from the man who at once materialized and came to stand protectively beside me—my Guardian Angel.

The impression I got in the dream was that this grand hotel was filled with men like the ones who accompanied me to the balcony, as well as with others like the guy wearing the Playboy jacket lurking in the shadows. Staying in a hotel is a temporary condition, a location outside our normal permanent residence. In a way, my dreaming soul is akin to a hotel where my Guardian Angel (occasionally accompanied by friends and co-workers) can “check in” for the business of helping me as the Holy Spirit of God prompts them to. Hotels are also associated with vacations, a pleasurable change from our normal life where we experience things we usually don’t or can’t experience where we live, and that is precisely what dreams offer us.

On earth, rich and powerful people often make use of grand hotels, and the hotel in my dream was certainly full of powerful beings. Hotels don’t discriminate on a basis of personal character, meaning both good and not so good, and even evil persons can make use of them. In this sense, a hotel full of bedrooms, where people sleep and dream, can be likened to a spiritual dimension between heaven and earth.

“Any home-like dwelling in a dream is representative of the Self. A space of transitional living such as a hotel… connects to the Self in a temporary state of being. This symbol usually appears when there is change afoot, indicating that the sense of Self is in transition and not yet fully ‘home’… If the hotel is grand… you may be preparing yourself for an increase in abundance.”i

“In a spiritual context, the notion of abundance or plenty is less about material conditions, revolving instead (once basic needs are met), around an appreciation of life in its fullness, joy and strength of mind, body and soul.”ii

Even though he never looks exactly the same, my Guardian Angel definitely has two principle contemporary personas he assumes in my dreams—a young and ideally handsome man with white-blonde hair, and a strong tall man with sandy-blonde hair in his late thirties or early forties, which was how he appeared to me last night wearing an orange-gold T-shirt.

“Orange: Symbolic of endurance and strength… the color of fire and flame… The red of passion tempered by the yellow of wisdom. It is the symbol of the sun.”iii

“Gold: The sun; divine power, the splendor of enlightenment; immortality; glory; endurance; the masculine principle.”iv

Last night my Angel protected and observed me but spoke only four words to me when he asked, “Who is this Cuban?” I was indeed born in Havana, Cuba, but I have lived in the United States ever since I was eight months old. Our Guardian Angel knows everything about us, our entire history from the moment of our birth. His remark in the dream strikes me personally as a playful acknowledgment of the truth that my soul has come a long way in a decade. And it also occurs to me now that my Angel may have been confirming his identity by reminding me of that intensely special dream years ago when he asked me, “Who is this Maria?”

Perhaps one reason I was surrounded by Angels in this dream is because they were aware I would soon begin writing a book about them, which will hopefully inspire people to pay more attention to the their Guardian Angel and make better use of this Divine companion.

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