From its beginning until death, human life is surrounded by their watchful care and intercession. Beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life. [CCC 336].

Dreams and our Guardian Angel

From the beginning, dreams have been an important way in which God reveals His will to human beings. I have every reason to believe this is still the case, hence this collection featuring the most amazing dreams I have been blessed with starring Angels of God.

Dreams and our Guardian Angel is intended for adults interested in dreams, and in better understanding how Angels communicate with us while we sleep through the power and promptings of the Holy Spirit. Without intruding on our free will, our Guardian Angel creatively interacts with our senses and imagination to help us continue growing in holiness, and nowhere is our soul’s mysteriously wonderful collaboration with God’s Holy Angels more extraordinarily evident than in our dreams.

“For goodness’ sake, don’t forget this invisible companion, ever present, ever disposed to listen to us and even more ready to console us. Oh, wonderful intimacy!… Remember this Angel’s presence often… Never say that you have no one to whom you can open your heart and confide… Invoke your guardian angel so that he will illuminate and guide you. God has given him to you for this reason. Therefore use him!”

Saint Padre Pio

When speaking about a relationship, one must always commence near the beginning to appreciate how it develops. I have been writing down all my memorable vivid dreams since 2009, and they are full of persons who, before my dream life brought me home to Christ, I referred to as Guides but who I now recognize as my Guardian Angel taking different forms in my dreaming mind and soul. Yet it wasn’t until I began freeing myself from my old New Age ways of thinking, and embracing the God of the Bible, that my dream relationship with my Guardian Angel truly began, and took off.

Lucid Dream of October 3, 2013—The Herald

My house is brightly lit, and crowded with people. The space is larger than in waking reality, but the same layout, and the den looks very much as it actually does. Stepping into it, I find myself seated in front of an experienced lucid dreamer who writes about the subject on his popular website. His face, very close to mine, is animated with excitement, and the pleasure of discovery as he speaks.

However, I’m distracted by the very curious sight of what looks to me like a communist dictator’s unnaturally large, almost cartoon-like face, pressed against the leftmost of the four bay windows and staring in at us. His hair and beard are bushy and black, and he’s wearing an orange-red beret. He looks angry, his expression full of contempt and evil intent.

Looking around me at everyone in my den, I somehow know they’re all dreamers at this party I’m hosting. In a loud voice, I ask, “Does anyone else see that dictator’s face pressed against the glass looking in on us?” Everyone turns their head to look where I’m pointing, and a few people say they see him, but most everyone else doesn’t. Then, as I realize it, I declare, “Obviously, this is a dream! We’re all dreaming!” Once again, there is no general consensus, but at least some of the people present seem to agree with me that we’re all dreaming. Personally, I have no doubt now.

The devilish dictator is gone now, and the view outside the bay windows is so stunning, I head toward them. Outside, it’s early evening, just before sunset, and far away I perceive a giant Ferris Wheel, one side of which is facing the house. The seats are a luminous orange, but the wheel itself is a gilded black. And miles behind the Ferris wheel, I discern the subtle rose color of gently undulating desert mountains outlined against a broad strip of golden sky, above which night has already fallen. The view is so stunning, it fills me with wonder and excitement. I have to go out there!

Passing effortlessly through one of the windows, I begin walking across a white stone courtyard that in real life is only grass, away from the light spilling out from inside the house toward where it begins dimming before ending in darkness. Then a few yards away, and directly across from me, a figure steps out of the shadows—a tall man dressed like a Herald from another century in a yellow ankle length tunic so precisely cut, it resembles a playing card with a fine black border. His handsome, firmly refined features framed by light-brown hair waving softly down to his chin, I distinctly feel it when his eyes meet mine.

Holding out his right hand to me, he beckons me toward him. I hesitate ony for an instant before I begin approaching him, full of wonder only slightly tainted with fear, because even though I know this is a dream, he looks and feels absolutely real. His expression neutral yet intent, he watches me approach, and when I dare to take his extended hand, I suffer another thrill of fear. So close to him now, I become aware that his yellow tunic is divided into two vertical panels. One panel depicts, in profile, what looks like a relatively small white dog, which reassures me. Then the two halves of his robe begin opening outward like doors, and I sense a portal within him that will transport me somewhere as I enter its dark space. But as I do so, I wake up. End of Dream

I now recognize the small white animal I saw depicted on the Herald’s tunic as the lamb of God. When I walked into this Divine Messenger in my lucid dream on that blessed night, I mysteriously initiated the process of leaving my New Age ways of thinking behind, and opened the door to a lucidly conscious relationship with my Guardian Angel.

Our Guardian Angel carries our prayers to God, and delivers His blessings and gifts. And this care extends to the smallest circumstances of our lives. “God wills that our Guardian Angels should guard us in all our ways… with tenderness and watchful care… Our Guardian Angel is our guide, our companion and our protector from the moment of birth and never abandons us… Who can describe the solicitude with which he provides for our temporal as well as our eternal welfare? He is with us everywhere, day and night… consoling us in our afflictions, defending us in danger, enlightening us in our doubts, helping us in all our wants… We have only to ask him for anything (however, he cannot read our minds), and he hears us on the instant, so we have only to profess sincere devotion to him to be assisted by him, not only according to our hopes, but beyond all our desires.” – Devotion to the Holy Angels

If your works are worthy of Angelic protection, if your soul is raised in contemplation by the progress of virtue, these are the fruits of the care bestowed upon you by these faithful friends. But in order to appreciate the benefits of such a guardianship, reflect for an instance on the Angelic nature; so powerful is it, that one Angel can defeat a whole army.

Saint Basil

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